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You cant send app

You cant send app from ios

5 stars

Absolutely amazing need a school project done fast and this app did the job great and fast! Awesome app

Plz fix this bug

iPhone 5 Share it app automatically close in 2 or few minutes Every time Thats for i again install it but face same problem


Nothing to add, just terrific!! Top notch!


Dude, you either update the app when theres a REAL problem or just leave it working perfectly!!!!! Goodddddd, now it freezes when I want to send photos.

Doesnt work.

And, if it does, its so damned confusing or convoluted as to make it incredibly difficult to use. "WLAN" password? Huh? Qrcode scan? Nope. Crap.

Very good app for I phone

It very easy and cool app to use to share and transfer data from any mobile to mobile and system.

Fix it

please fix an error when i transfer a music the app does no save it in my music

Just WoW!!

just one word for this app awesome..... awesomeness is overloaded in this app


Thanks for creating Shareit. Most useful App for sharing file.

Please include direct app sharing

Please include direct app sharing. That might be the unique quality in shareit. Hate indirect dropbox-icloud-drive rubbish function

Best File Sharing App 2016

From small to large file size, fast data transfer! + the file vault. Awesome app!

My god, Still Cant send

I use iPhone 6 128GB and have more than 20.000 photos. If i click button "send" after loading always crash and suddenly close application. Until now i never send anything just receive only

The wait its finally over!

Ive been waiting for some easy app to send and receive files from my MacBook Pro 2008 and my iPhone 6+ w/128 gb of storage because airdrop wasnt even able to ID anyone in my immediate or surrounding area this works exactly as advertised and transfers extremely quick good job ! Thank you for all you have accomplished. Chris

Its great but it could have been even better if ePub files could be opened through SHAREit and if music files could be searched in my music.So hoping to see these areas to be upgraded.

Shareit lenovo

Good AppS for iPhone

Very goooood

For me The best aplication in app store

Thank you

A wonderful application ... I wish my mind receives information in the same way

Iphone 3gs



C nul frenchement

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